Thursday, September 30, 2010

New trends in Mamography

Every society which has a lot of respect for the people, invest a lot of money in healthcare and also in prevention. In the last 30 years, all women had a mammogram at 40 years old  in order to prevent breast cancer. A lot of women discovered in early stages their breast cancer. This was very good for some of the women. Mammography was and continues to be a good preventative measure. But the American studies and statistics had shown, even if the US healthcare invested a lot of money in a lot of preventative measures, like mammograms, the numbers of breast cancer discovered didn't justify the money spent. 
They consider that breast cancer has a large probability to appear after 50 years, and they reconsider the use of mammograms for women beginning with 50 years old.
All women who have breast cancer in 1st and 2nd degree relatives, is it highly recommended to have their mammograms at 40 years, because they are at risk. Why 40 years and not sooner? Because mammograms can irradiate the body, and the eggs from ovaries. We consider that at 40 years old, the women had their children, and can do a mammogram after this age. Not to forget about men who can develop also breast cancer in a small percentage, but in general is more aggressive. For all people at risk, the first mammogram age will remain 40 years old .It is always better to prevent.
Because Canada tries hard to be in trends with US in terms of health, technology and prevention, right now in Canada, all women will have a mammogram at 50 years old. 
This is a new guideline and I consider it is better to be informed.