Thursday, October 14, 2010

Generics or Brand Name drugs?

       The brand name drugs are the original drugs, the first drugs discovered, tested and put on the market. They have benefits and side effects.
      The original drugs are put on the market, and they are sold for approximately 20 years. In this time, the companies make profits, but also it is a period of time, when the treatments with these drugs are observed. If in time, problems with the drug occur, they can either stop the production and/or resolve these problems. After 20 years, the company will sell the patent kind of way, meaning some companies will produce the drug, in a similar form, but with a new name. These are the generics.
     The generic drugs, contain the same chemical substance but other ingredients can be different, in general these ingredients giving the shape, color, and consistency of the drug. Some of these ingredients can be allergenic for some people, but also are the ingredients from the brands name drugs.
     There are studies who said, there are no significant differences between the generic and brand name drugs. This is not entirely true. There are cases when the original has proved to be the best and also rare cases, when the generic are not so effective.
     It is well known the generics are cheaper than the brand name drugs, that’s why the generics help us to decrease, the amount of money spent in our Healthcare.
Are they the same with the original? Not in every aspect.
Are they effective as the original? In majority of cases, yes.
    I know doctors who prescribe the original drug, but this is when they have a lot of experience with that drug, and in their opinion, nothing is better than the original. But I can assure you; this is not a common practice, because we try to spend the healthcare money more efficiently. Sometimes the insurance company decides for you if, you receive the original or the generic. In some situations, I will choose the original, even if I must to pay the difference, but in majority of cases the generics are always a good solution.


  1. Well this means that Generics are another way to spend money and sometime are useless and if they are following the original recipe may cause problems our not. After all the companies are selling the patent and after that are “inventing” a new one that is better and dosen´t create the side effects of the Generic. Another ingenious way to trick people.

  2. The big companies produce the original brand named drug , which can have also side effects , exactly as the generics . What I mean is The generics ar just copies of the brand named drugs ,which didn`t follow the whole recipe in the production of the new drug.The generics contain the most important pharmaceutic component , but the rest are different . Because of these others components , the generics can have more side effects than the original .

  3. The generics are cheaper because they don`t follow the whole recipe and because the prices for the others compounds are cheaper. But regarding the effect on the illness , generics or not , they all work. If you want, the generics were made , in order to reduce the costs in healthcare,which every country want ,of course.