Friday, October 15, 2010

Hepatitis B and C between STD?

    The both hepatitis can be transmitted by infected needles, by infected blood, by infected organs or bone marrow, and by sexual contact, sometimes by tattoos, and when you share the same syringe and needle with an infected person. Hepatitis B can be transmitted vertically from mother to child through pregnancy.
      Hepatitis B virus is more infectious, this is why,it can be transmitted by sexual contact.
      Hepatitis C virus can be also transmitted by sexual contact, but because C virus is not so infectious, is very rare when a hepatitis C is transmitted this way. That’s why, we must to consider hepatitis B and C between sexually transmitted diseases (STD).
      Both hepatitis can become severe, and share the same complications. The only thing is, the hepatitis B has 85 % chances to be cured with a good treatment and 15 % develop complications.
    Hepatitis C evolves in a chronic pattern in a large percentage of cases. Complications are: chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, hepatic cancer and liver insufficiency.
    These complications can appear in both hepatitis B and C. The most severe is hepatitis C, because a large percentage of people develop chronic hepatitis, develop liver failure, cirrhosis and cancer.
In conclusion, we have the chance to be cured by B Hepatitis, but Hepatitis C become chronic almost all the time.
   Another aspect is, when you have or had hepatitis B and/or C, you cannot be a blood, bone marrow or organ donor. In the same time, if you develop liver insufficiency, you will need a transplant.
Think twice, when you have an unprotected intercourse.The condom use will be always a good idea , preventing a large number of infectious and deadly diseases .
It is always more easy to prevent than to be cured.

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